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Emergency Water Pouch Case Pack (64 pouches) by Ready Hour

(12 customer reviews)


When the US Coast Guard Sails into the Toughest Conditions on Earth…

They rely on emergency water pouches just like these! Here’s why:



Twice the Shelf Life. Three Times the Protection.

Plastic water bottles are a breeding ground for bacteria and chemicals.

These Emergency Water Pouches:

  • Stay fresh for up to FIVE YEARS (twice as long as most water bottles).
  • Have four thick, puncture-resistant layers that keep out contaminants.
  • Are food safe and BPA-free.

Fit GALLONS of Water into Your Bug-Out Bag.

Extra space in an emergency means extra, life-saving supplies—and space is exactly what these pouches give you!

Pouches fit easily into the small spaces of your backpack, camping gear—almost anywhere you need them!

Save Every Precious Drop!

Plastic water bottles will leak and spill the moment you open them.

Ready Hour Emergency Drinking Water prevents waste with SINGLE-USE servings. These four-ounce pouches are designed to be consumed all at once, which helps you conserve every last drop of your most precious resource.

Delicious, Clean, and Pure

Water is purified through multiple filters, via reverse osmosis.

The purification process eliminates contaminants large and small—clearing water of bacteria, sediments, chemicals, and viruses. 


  • 4.227 fl oz Water Per Pouch
  • 6” x 4” x ½” Per Individual Pouch
  • 64 Pouches in a Case
  • Case Total Volume: 279 oz (2 gal)

12 reviews for Emergency Water Pouch Case Pack (64 pouches) by Ready Hour

  1. Nicholas (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  2. Jackson (verified owner)

    This is filtered water in a polymer foil pouch. Each pouch contains 4.227 fluid ounces. According to their web site they have approval from the USCG, Canadian Coast Guard, EC and NZ. This water has been filtered and filled at FDA certified facilities. The web site says it will stay fresh for 5 years in even the harshest environments. I wanted a way to safely store water in my car. I had heard about the controversy surrounding plastic water bottles, heat from the car, and breast cancer. Don’t know if it’s true, but it was a risk I did not want to take. I thought of storing bottled water from the grocery store or storing water in glass jars. The fact that the bottles have to be rotated more than I wanted to rotate them made this not an option for me. I might remember my car, but would also have to remember my husband’s. Summers where I live soar into the 100 degress. Inside the car is hotter. I needed to store water safely in the car for an emergency. I learned about Datrex. It was a solution to my problems. Each pouch is for one use. The top of the pouch is supposed to rip to open. The pouches I recieved had a tiny hole punched through the area you were supposed to rip, making it easier to open. This hole did not help ripping it open. Photo of the tiny hole on the pouch is enclosed. I had to open the pouch with a pair of scissors. It is advertised as 72 hours worth of water, because this company thinks you shouldn’t drink water the first 24 hours of an emergency unless you are sick or injured. This is actually printed on the back of the pouch. Don’t know about you, but that is not how I am going to operate in an emergency. Since this product met all of my criteria I was afraid it would taste horrible. Before I tasted it I told myself. “It doesn’t matter how it tastes if it saves your life.” After cutting the dark area marked for opening of the packet off with a pair of scissors I felt that the water did not come out that easily. I cut the opening larger. Walked into the bathroom so I could spit it out. No need to spit it out. Shock of all shocks, the water tastes good! So glad I found this product. I carry it in my car along with Mainstay Emergency Rations. Both products are made to withstand harsh environments.

  3. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  4. Zohar (verified owner)

    I love these! They are much lighter in weight than those that came with my emergency “go” bag. I view of the recent events I felt compelled to look at my emergency bags and my waters were expired by some years. Good to check and have on hand!

  5. Max (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  6. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  7. Owen (verified owner)

    You know something is wrong when Amazon delivers a soggy box to your door on a 90-degree day. One pouch was leaking near the bottom seam and so everything was wet! Other than that, the product is as expected.

  8. Julian (verified owner)

    I received my water today but one of the water packages had holes in it. So the box it was shipped in was wet along with the ink I purchased.

  9. Riley (verified owner)

    You pay for the convenient packaging really that gives you the ability to have a bit of water with you in small convenient portions. One sachet contains about 125 ml (half a glass), meaning you get approximately 6 glasses or 1.5 quarts of water for a bit below 8 dollars. I think that’s a steep price for water and a bit steep for the packaging as well (hence 4 stars, not 5). Also, one person needs about 2 quarts/day (a lot more, like 1 gallon is recommended usually), but that’s in normal conditions. Should someone need these in hot summer or in a very dry climate, or was exposed to the elements, this would not be enough even for a single day. However, not enough to fully hydrate somebody does not mean it’s not enough for survival. In “good conditions”, I can imagine that 0.5 quarts may sustain somebody for a day and 1.5 would be enough for 3 days, though the person would be more or less severely dehydrated depending on conditions. Dehydrated is not dead however, and if I happened to find myself in a situation like that, I’d be extremely happy to have spent 8 bucks on these packets (and possibly kicking myself for not getting a bit more). Personally, I supplement these with another quart of water in a soda bottle in an easily reachable pocket of my bag.

  10. Jackson (verified owner)

    The product arrived kind of beat up and soaking wet. One package had broken open in transit but the other water packets were intact.

  11. Riley (verified owner)

    Very glad to receive this package in the mail today, though it did come a little bit wet! Looks like only one of the pouches burst, thankfully, during transit. Very glad to have these for my get home and bug out bags. It’s a nice peace of mind.

  12. Phoenix (verified owner)

    this water taste so good like you were drinking from the alps water in the mountains. crisp, fresh and clean. i definitely recommend this product!? All unalienable and inalienable liberties and rights retained at all times and all points in time nunq pro tunq non-subject UCc1-308 private transmission.

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