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Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder (1 pkg. w/ 3 packs)

(7 customer reviews)


When a severe cut happens and you are nowhere near medical attention, you should have Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder on hand. Easy to use, simply pour on the wound and cover.

Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder achieves hemostasis (coagulation) and reduce blood loss as compared to other treatments. Product has a 4 year shelf life, so you can keep it on hand until you need to use it.

1oz (28g) per small pouch. 1 pack of three is 3oz (84g) of powder.

Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder is proudly Made in the USA.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To control bleeding, pour contents onto wound and cover. Use additional product if necessary. See doctor immediately if needed.

INGREDIENTS: UV Sterilized Clinoptilolite Hemostatic Powder, Curcuma longa L (Turmeric)



Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder is a hemostatic powder that is a must-have in your emergency preparedness first-aid kit.

7 reviews for Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder (1 pkg. w/ 3 packs)

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    Bought this for our first aid kit. Have not had to use yet but so happy to have it.

  2. John (verified owner)

    I recently suffered a gunshot wound. Thank goodness for this product, it slowed the bleeding to a trickle. I applied a pressure dressing to the wound. I can not say enough good for the product! It is a must have for any first-aid kit!

  3. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I sent numerous packages to Ukraine to help soldiers in need of medical supplies. The soldiers appreciated the First Aid supplies

  4. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Have not tried it on a wound. But it works wonderful on a nose bleed.
    Here is the secret. Take a cotton ball and sprinkle the powder on it.
    Then stick it up your nose.
    I have had to deal with this problem all my life. This is the best solution I have found.
    Never had a nose bleed stop so fast before. Almost instant. You will feel some heat.
    I suspect some form of chemical reaction to blood nothing bad.

  5. Bryan (verified owner)

    Said two applicators but only one in pkg.

  6. Daniel (verified owner)

    I had slammed my thumb in a car door, at work my nail started bleeding. Got this from job first aid kit, thinking it was a liquid bandaid I was surprise when this brown powder came pouring out. Cover the nail with it and put a bandaid over it. Bleeding stopped and it helped my my nail heal faster. I now buy it for my home, the other day peeled the skin back from my knuckle and was bleeding a lot, outed plenty of this seal on the wound pressed it down with a bandaid and bleeding stopped and again faster than normal healing time. It will stop the bleeding but if you think you need stitches, use it for immediate help, and go get stitches! But it does not work wonders.

  7. Julian (verified owner)

    I managed to slice off a half inch piece of my thumb with a mandolin slicer a couple weeks ago. I was bleeding, bleeding, and more bleeding. I remember we had some blood stopping products and tried this WoundSeal.

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